Alpal Container Basket
Alpal Container Basket

The ultimate plastic bulk packaging system for proven gains in efficiency and versatility…

Alpal is the only industry-tested system that combines all the benefits from FIBC's (bulk bags, big bags) IBC's (wooden bins, steel drums) and wooden or plastic pallets into one revolutionary system for transporting and storing dry goods or liquids.

  • Durable – Build to last with a proven 10 – 12 year lifespan
  • Stackable – stack up to 8 high and optimize any warehouse/storage area
  • Collapsible – A 6:1 empty return ratio minimizes overall transport costs
  • Lightweight – Weighing up to 30% less than other bulk packaging, ALPAL helps you maximise payloads
  • Sub 60 second assembly – ALPAL assembles and disassembles in under 60 seconds, saving you time and money

Industry Applications

Vegetable Seed

Vegetable Seed

With over 40 000 ALPALS in global circulation, we’re proud that each one is providing unmatched efficiency and versatility for Vegetable Seed companies worldwide…

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Frozen Produce

Frozen Produce

There are over 20 000 ALPALS being utilised in the Frozen Food industry to deliver superior improvements in storage and shipping efficiency…

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Other Dry / Granular Products

Dry / Granular Products

ALPAL is the ideal Bulk Packaging System for transporting and storing any dry non-hazardous goods as well as Packaging Group 1 - High Danger Materials. ALPAL went through rigorous testing and passed the various requirements like cyanide passing all the onerous vibration, bottom lift, stacking and drop tests

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There are over 15 000 ALPALS being utilised in the concentrate industry to deliver efficient storage and shipping solutions from across the globe…

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82 500 units in Circulation World Wide

Alpal Distribution Map

Success Stories


“ALPAL has revolutionised what we thought possible in storage and transport packaging. The efficiency benefits from implementing ALPAL have allowed us to become more sustainable and competitive in the market while better serving the needs of our customers.”


“Before the Alpal we needed 10 trucks to ship back our containers, now we can ship back in 1."


“TrenStar and Alpal have revolutionised the world of packaging for National Brand Limited.”


“We had a shipment coming in from our suppliers get in an accident causing the truck to rolled over. There were 24 units with 24,000 litres of product in them on board. Thinking we had lost a days’ worth of production in lost product we were amazed to find that the Alpal had protected almost all our product and we were only unable to use two containers.”

Our Story

With over 15 years delivering improved efficiency through more than 40 000 ALPALS throughout the world, we’re proud to have surpassed what we thought possible when imagining a bulk packaging system featuring only the positive aspects of FIBC’s, rigid IBC’s and traditional pallets…

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