Case Study - Bejo Zaden


Vegetable Seed Industry Leaders Bejo Zaden and ALPAL

ALPAL helped Bejo Zaden solve internal frustrations with efficient and flexible Bulk Packaging Solutions

The Challenge

Bejo Zaden is one of the world’s largest privately-owned vegetable seed companies based in the Netherlands. Storage and logistics must run optimally to ensure sustainability, and Bejo Zaden was frustrated with the problems they were experiencing with traditional packaging products. Treatment and contamination of wooden pallets was time-consuming and a risk for their products, while cardboard was in short supply and becoming more expensive.

The Solution


Bejo Zaden recognised the clear benefits of ALPAL, appreciating its revolutionary durability, hygiene and improved stacking capacity and safety.

Deciding to replace all disposable, expensive and unreliable packaging and storage products with ALPAL, Bejo Zaden is implementing ALPAL in all its factories and transport in a phased rollout.

Starting by shipping ALPAL’s between New Zealand / Australia and Europe, there are now over 30 000 ALPALS regularly filled in various locations including the USA, New Zealand, Australia and France. Once filled they are shipped to the Netherlands for processing. When the ALPALS are emptied they are returned by sea to the growers in various supply locations.

The ALPAL Solution included the following beneficial features:
  • Durable products with 10+ year lifespan
  • Increased hygiene and reduced risk of contamination
  • 500kg of seed per ALPAL
  • Improved stacking capacity and safety
  • Lightweight construction for improving payloads
  • Fast assembly / disassembly in under 60 seconds
  • Empty return ratio of 6:1 when ALPAL was collapsed

The Results

  • Reduced time spent assembling or collapsing ALPAL helped Bejo Zaden create higher output and profit margins
  • Less product loss and time waste through improved product hygiene, durability and reliability
  • Reduced risk of injury or damage through stack instability or packaging failure
  • Increased profit with payload weight and capacity optimisation
  • Space and process optimisation through ALPALS ability to stack 5 – 8 high safely and stably, creating a huge advantage over cardboard corrugated boxes which can only stack 3 high and are prone to damage and instability.
  • Substantial savings through extremely efficient return transport through ALPAL collapsing to 1/6th of its size.
  • ALPAL now has a proven 12-year track-record of improving Vegetable Seed storage and transport, with more than 30 000 ALPALS circulating worldwide

What Our Client Said

"ALPAL has revolutionised what we thought possible in storage and transport packaging. The efficiency benefits from implementing ALPAL have allowed us to become more sustainable and competitive in the market while better serving the needs of our customers."

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