Case Study - Clover


Transforming Clover’s storage capacity with efficient and durable packaging and transport solutions

Alpal worked with Clover to optimise their warehouse storage space and processes

The Challenge

With increasing volumes, Clover soon realized that they required both an efficient storage system and a durable container for their heavy product. Clover also had an issue with their limited outdoor storage. Once their containers are empty, they store them until they have enough to fill a truck to ship back. The heavy steel containers they were using took up a lot of space in their yard and were laborious to move.

The Solution


When the Alpal was introduced to them, Clover immediately saw the storage benefits. The Alpal is capable of stacking up to 8 high when assembled but they only required 3 high which greatly maximized their warehouse space.

Alpal also allowed Clover to increase efficiency in their yard by collapsing the ALPAL containers and stacking them neatly, making it easy to transport.

The ALPAL Solution included the following beneficial features:
  • Durable products with 10+ year lifespan
  • Improved stacking capacity and safety
  • Collapses down to a return ratio of 6:1 to save space
  • Lightweight construction for improving payloads
  • Constant tare weight, even when wet
  • Fast assembly / disassembly in under 60 seconds
  • Male/Female interlocking devices ensure safe and efficient handling during stacking
  • FDA Approved materials are certified safe for use with food products

The Results

  • Increased storage capacity: with ALPAL Clover could stack 3 high, greatly improving the efficiency of their warehouse space usage. Their storage yard made use of ALPAL’s collapsible feature to be stacked neatly while waiting to be transported. They were also able to reduce the number of trucks required to transport the containers by fitting 120 Alpal Containers in one shipment, compared to the Steel Containers capacity for 24.
  • Improved storage space: NBL has now gained load stability and increased stocking height to 2 units high, allowing them to stack and optimise their space utilisation.

What Our Client Said

"We had a shipment coming in from our suppliers get in an accident causing the truck to rolled over. There were 24 units with 24,000 litres of product in them on board. Thinking we had lost a days’ worth of production in lost product we were amazed to find that the Alpal had protected almost all our product and we were only unable to use two containers."

- Cobus Kritzinger Clover Plant Manager

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