Case Study - McCain Foods


ALPAL revolutionises McCain Foods Shipping and Storing Efficiencies

McCain used ALPAL to increase their shipping efficiencies and achieved a remarkable 90% savings per return shipment

The Challenge

McCain needed to improve the shipping efficiency between their three facilities, who shipped between 21 000 and 26 000 units filled with frozen vegetables every month on costly palletainers. High shipping costs, unstable stackability and average quality packaging was costing McCain time and money.

The Solution


McCain was quick to see the benefit ALPAL would bring to their business, and took full advantage of the flexible and efficient packaging system to achieve incredible efficiencies increases and savings across 3 main areas: Reduce high shipping costs, alleviate the difficulty of stacking steel and use reliable packaging to save costs and reduce waste.

The ALPAL Solution included the following beneficial features:
  • Durable products with 10+ year lifespan
  • Improved stacking capacity and safety
  • Collapses down to a return ratio of 6:1 to save space
  • Lightweight construction for improving payloads
  • Fast assembly / disassembly in under 60 seconds

The Results

  • 90% savings per return shipment: Before ALPAL McCain needed 10 trucks to ship back their containers, but now only need one truck for the ALPAL system by fitting 240 ALPALS in one shipment. One return shipment of steel containers required 10 trucks, costing $16 000. By reducing the trucks required by 9, McCain achieved a 90%, or $14 400 savings per return shipment.
  • Improved storage space: ALPAL’s ability to stack up to 8 high and its unique interlocking system saved McCain time and money, by allowing them to better utilize their spaces for increase efficiency without the frustration of stacking steel containers.
  • Waste reduction and increased return on bulk packaging spend. After nine years of repeated use less than 2% of the ALPAL’s have been replaced at McCain, proving the strength and durability of ALPAL
  • Reduced time spent assembling or collapsing ALPAL helped McCain improve process efficiency
  • ALPAL now has a proven 15+ year track-record of improving Frozen Produce storage and transport, with more than 30 000 ALPALS circulating worldwide

What Our Client Said

"Before the Alpal we needed 10 trucks to ship back our containers, now we can ship back in 1."

- McCain Warehousing Manager.

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