Case Study - Rooibos


Process efficiency gains make processing and delivery simpler and smoother for a leading South African tea brand…

Rooibos Ltd and TrenStar used ALPAL to improve the packaging and delivery of rooibos tea to their clients.

The Challenge

NBL receives 56 tonnes of rooibos tea from Rooibos Ltd every week, and packs 11 000 kilos of rooibos tea per day under the Rooibos, Freshpak and Eleven O' Clock brands.

They were experiencing numerous challenges with the handling and processing of Rooibos tea, including:

  • Poor space utilisation of their facilities due to the lack of stackability of unprocessed stock
  • High waste management requirements
  • Poor load stability on pallets
  • High man power requirements within the factory

The Solution


After considering all their needs and requirements, TrenStar introduced the Alpal Packaging System into Rooibos Ltd and NBL’s supply chain. The Alpal unit is designed to carry bulk rooibos tea between Rooibos Ltd in Clan William and NBL's Durban factory. Since using the Alpal Packaging System, NBL received the full benefits attached to this highly versatile reusable packaging.

Rooibos Ltd invested in 500 Alpal units, which were introduced into their supply chain to replace the wooden pallets and disposable paper bags traditionally used to carry and transport bags of rooibos tea. Before the introduction of the Alpal Packaging System, Rooibos Ltd would deliver their rooibos tea to the NBL factory on wooden pallets carrying 30 paper bags containing 30kg of rooibos tea each and shrink wrapped together per load of 900kg.

With the Alpal unit, Rooibos Ltd can now supply NBL with 500 kilograms of rooibos tea packed into one single unit.

The ALPAL Solution included the following beneficial features:
  • Durable products with 10+ year lifespan
  • Improved stacking capacity and safety
  • Collapses down to a return ratio of 6:1 to save space
  • Lightweight construction for improving payloads
  • Constant tare weight, even when wet
  • Fast assembly / disassembly in under 60 seconds
  • Male/Female interlocking devices ensure safe and efficient handling during stacking
  • FDA Approved materials are certified safe for use with food products

The Results

  • Waste reduction: with ALPAL Rooibos Ltd can supply NBL with 500 kilograms of rooibos tea packed into one single unit. No paper bags and shrink wrap material are involved in the process anymore, significantly reducing their waste.
  • Improved storage space: NBL has now gained load stability and increased stocking height to 2 units high, allowing them to stack and optimise their space utilisation.
  • Handling: Forklifts can be used with ALPAL, reducing the people required from 6 to 1, who is able to handle two units at a time.
  • Decanting: The Alpal unit offers ease of use with a bottom emptying option, making decanting easier. Instead of manually transporting loads and emptying bags Alpal reduced the decanting time from 40 minutes to 6 minutes for a load of 500kg, or a 566%-time reduction.
  • Reverse Logistics: NBL has seen some improvements in truck utilisation, increasing from 25 to 28 tonnes

What Our Client Said

"TrenStar and Alpal have revolutionised the world of packaging for National Brand Limited."

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