Reliable, efficient liquid storage and transport solutions…

There are over 15 000 ALPALS being utilised in the concentrate industry to deliver efficient storage and shipping solutions from across the globe…

Durable, Lightweight and FDA approved liquid storage and transport solution

ALPAL’s have been used to transport juice concentrate from far flung areas like Tahiti to Japan/China/USA and Germany, proving it’s worth as the most flexible, efficient plastic bulk packaging system available.

  • Over 15 years of superior efficiency improvements in storing and transporting of fruit juice concentrates/pastes/purees
  • Internationally recognised as a market leader in innovative bulk packaging solutions
  • Over 10 000 ALPALS in use in the Liquid Concentrate industry today
  • Sustainable investment with a 10+ year lifespan in the Liquids industry

Advantages and Features

  • Durable – Built to last with a proven 10+ year lifespan, ALPAL was designed to accommodate any storage, handling and transport demands
  • Stackable – Stack the ALPAL up to 5 high and optimize any warehouse/storage area
  • Collapsible – An empty return ratio of 6:1 minimizes transport costs significantly, contributing to efficiency and sustainability
  • Lightweight – Weighing up to 30% less than some alternatives, ALPAL maximizes payloads and increases profits
  • Sub-60 second assembly – ALPAL assembles and disassembles in under 60 seconds, saving you time and money
  • Consistent tare weight – ALPAL has a consistent tare weight even when wet providing reliable, accurate performance
  • Exceptional quality – ALPAL was designed for quality, long-term use and benefit. Consistent weights, performance and materials mean you can rely on ALPAL to provide value time and again…
  • Male/Female Interlocking – Ensures safe and efficient handling during stacking
  • FDA Approved – ALPAL’s materials are certified safe for use with food products by the FDA

Product Spec Sheets



Ideal Bulk Packaging for Frozen Produce with a 1050 litre volume capacity and ALPAL’s unique efficiency and versatility.

Dimensions: 1135x1135x1100mm

Download Spec Sheet


Ideal Bulk Packaging for Frozen Produce with a 1170 litre volume capacity and ALPAL’s unique efficiency and versatility.

Dimensions: 1230x1135x1100mm

Download Spec Sheet

Success Story


We had a shipment coming in from our suppliers get in an accident causing the truck to roll over. There were 24 units with 24,000 litres of product in them on board. Thinking we had lost a days’ worth of production in lost product we were amazed to find that the Alpal had protected almost all our product and we were only unable to use two containers.

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